About us


Pak Super Tea is a brand of “Al Rehman Industries” Established in 2019 working under Qadri Global Group established in 1968. Qadri Global Group has good exposure to tea testing, importing quality gardens of Black Tea direct from Kenya. There are five various brands of Pak Super Tea for all tea lovers, they are;

  1. Pak Super Mixture Tea.
  2. Pak Super Dust Tea.
  3. Pak Super Tea.
  4. Pak Super Green Tea.
  5. Quetta Tea.

Pak Super Tea has the best Blended Black Tea, all tea blends are tested by the best tea testers have a decade of testing history. In Pak Super tea various SKUs are provided to the different customers as per demand ranging from 7Gm, 14Gm, 35Gm, 85Gm, 170Gm, 425Gm, 430Gm, 900Gm, 5000Gm and up to the large hotel and institutional packs including Sachets, Boxes, Pouches, Jars and Mega Bags.